Kurds to Convert to Guerrilla War Strategy Against the TurkReich

Sometimes success is your greatest enemy. Take, for instance, the success of the Mexicans in taking the Alamo. It turned into a rally cry for Texans that eventually led to the independence of Texas from Mexico.
Now, there may be a new Alamo, an Alamo called Afrin. After the fall of Afrin in Northern Syria, it seems that the Kurds are coming together, with new alliances being formed that had previously been denied.
The Kurds are now coming together, in force, and with renewed determination, to exact revenge for the atrocities of Afrin. One Kurdish General has vowed that the fight against the TurkReich is not over, not even in Afrin itself, as the Kurds will now switch from a direct confrontation war strategy to a guerrilla war. While this General is only talking about Afrin, others have already hinted that the guerrilla war will be taken to the TurkReich itself, with military and allies being targeted.
The success of the TurkReich in taking Afrin after 52 days, facing an enemy that had far less technical capacity and zero air support, may lead to a greater problem that will cause the TurkReich far more militarily and economically than Afrin could ever have caused if left to its own devices.

From The Miami Herald

The Latest: Syrian Kurds: ‘New phase’ of war with Turkey

A Syrian Kurdish official says the war with Turkey has now entered “a new phase” of guerrilla warfare after Turkish troops and allied forces entered the Syrian town of Afrin.

Turkey announced Sunday it has entered the town of Afrin, nearly two months after it began its offensive on the district with the same name. Tens of thousands of residents fled the advancing Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters backed by intense airstrikes.

Kurdish officials and a war monitor say some pockets of resistance remain in the town of Afrin but the Kurdish militia, known as YPG, has largely withdrawn.

Othman Sheikh Issa, an official from the town of Afrin, said in a press conference Sunday that the Turkish offensive aims to clear the town of its Kurdish population.

Speaking from near Afrin in a press conference, Issa said the war against “the Turkish occupation” will change from a direct confrontation to guerrilla warfare, “hit and run tactics,” until the liberation of Afrin. He said the Kurdish militia remains present in Afrin area and will target the Turkish military and its allied Syrian troops at every chance.

“Our troops will turn into a continuous nightmare for them,” Issa said.

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