Laptop Can Go 3 Days on One Charge?

A new breakthrough in laptop tech may enable computers to last for three days on a single charge thanks to ACPCs (Always Connected Personal Computers).  Qualcomm is the one behind the new laptops, which could be coming to a store near you very soon.

A laptop with three days of battery life: It’s coming

“Always connected personal computers” — or ACPCs — refer to a new breed of Windows laptops with three key features: a battery that can last multiple days; instant-on access when you open the lid or touch a key; and an optional high-speed cellular connection, to avoid hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot to get online.

In other words, your laptop is going to behave a lot more like your smartphone.

Qualcomm – the world’s largest smartphone chip maker — is largely spearheading this emerging category. This marks the San Diego-based company’s second foray into the computer space, after the Windows RT mobile operating system failed to catch on after it debuted in 2012.

Intel is also a major player in this space, having worked on the first cellular-supported PC back in 2005 (with Sony). It’s been heavily involved in battery improvements over the past few years.

But if you believe the hype, what we’ll see debut in 2018 will be nothing like we’ve witnessed in the past.

“With computers we have today, you’re lucky if you can get 15 hours of battery performance — and in most cases, it’s 8 to 10 hours, if that – so where I see the breakthrough here is a new benchmark of 22 hours, and standby of at least a week,” says technology analyst Tim Bajarin, who also serves as president at Creative Strategies, one of the first market research firms in Silicon Valley.

In fact, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, ASUS is claiming battery life of up to 22 hours of continuous video playback, and up to 30 days on standby.

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