Law Enforcement Work with Media to Drum Up Fears of Ghost Guns

The thin blue line is joining in with the prog state media to attempt to rile up fear among the non-gov, non-shiny badge folks, in an effort to trigger these non-gov, non-shiny-badge folks to BEG, to DEMAND from their gov masters that the ability to build their own tools of self-defense be taken away from them.

Boston 25 is revealing exactly where they stand with the rise of the police state in America, making it clear to their viewers that they fully intend on being future police state informants, and pushing the favored propaganda of the police state.

Their alleged investigative report, which is essentially an agit prop piece intended to produce the type of fear that will trigger that response outlined above (the begging by the non-shiny-badges that they have their ability to build their own tools of self-defense taken from them), also incorporates quotes from law enforcement, including from Federal agencies like the ATF.

I have an understanding as to why the very tools, the very power of the rising police state, Federal agencies and police departments, will work to spread the agit prop that produces the begging for the police state by the non-shiny-badged people, but it is a bit perplexing that a news outlet would work so feverishly to help hasten the arrival of a police state.

Boston 25, by the way, is owned by Cox Media Group, which is also clearly making its position known regarding the rise of the police state.  They’re for it, and they will do what must be done to push the agit prop that will produce a begging response from the non-shiny-badge people, “please, please create for us a police state to protect us from all these boogeymen, be it North Korea, Russia’s fake newsery, or, gasp, people owning guns that the government can’t trace.”

Cox Media Group is a subdivision of Cox Enterprises, Inc, which is owned by the Cox Family.  The current chairman is James C. Kennedy.

I am not sure if James is aware that a news outlet owned by his family is now actively pushing agit prop of the rising police state in the form of anti-liberty-gun propaganda (which are being called ghost guns), but if he is, then he is complicit in their pro-police-state work.

If he’s not, perhaps people should attempt to bring this to his attention.  Does he really want the Cox family name associated with this kind of fake news, anti-liberty, police state propaganda?

Below you will find an excerpt from the offending piece of police state propaganda.

Law enforcement: So-called ghost guns are ‘troubling trend’

“What these companies are doing is trying to exploit a kind of technical loophole in federal law,” said Adam Skaggs with the Giffords Law Center to Reduce Gun Violence.

Boston 25 News found many online businesses that sell all the parts for an unfinished rifle. Of the three we called, two said they would ship to Massachusetts.

Our sister station in Atlanta ordered a kit for $500. It arrived by U.S. mail, neatly packed and ready to assemble. Instructions called for hollowing out the trigger pocket, that holds the key parts of the gun, including the firing mechanism.

Using an ordinary hand drill and a $60 router purchased at a hardware store, the gun was ready for range in less than two days.

“We seize hundreds of these and the number’s been going up every year,” Graham Barlowe with the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau said.

Police said a rising number of criminals are making “ghost guns,” selling them and using them in violent attacks across the country.

“We have found ‘ghost guns’ or firearms made from unfinished receivers used in some horrific crimes,” Barlowe said.

Authorities say Kevin Neal used an AR-15 he built himself in the California shooting rampage that left five people dead.

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