League of Women Voters Supports Anti-Gun Bills, and NBC Reporter Shills for Them

If you thought the League of Women Voters was some sort of neutral entity designed to merely encourage women to engage in the political process, well, you’d be wrong. They’re just another progressive state organization claiming to represent all women, and all women, apparently, want gun control. The League of Women Voters in Charlottesville, VA is coming out in support of the newly-elected gun-grabbing governor, Ralph Northam and his anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-gun assault on human freedom through ‘gun control.’
The article we excerpt from NBC 29 was written by Emmy Freedman, who decided to deploy the tried and true tactic of state media by presenting a news article as straight news reporting when it was, in fact, an agit prop piece designed to subtly, subliminally nudge the aggregate opinion of its readers towards its anti-human, anti-liberty agenda. Right in the first paragraph it uses negative words to bolster support for gun control and invalidate the supporters for gun rights.
This maven of state propaganda that is Emmy Freedman decided to characterize the turning back of Northam’s anti-human, anti-gun, anti-liberty bills as “killing off.” And how does she phrase what these bills actually are? She refers to them as a “gun violence prevention agenda.”
I challenge you, if you choose to read the whole article, to ask yourself why Emmy chose the words she used to describe anti-human, anti-liberty actions the way she did, and why she chose to use the words she used to describe gun liberty. It should also be noted that nowhere in this agit prop piece does the state propagandist that is Emmy Freedman actually offer any counter views to the anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-gun agenda.

League of Women Voters Calls for Tighter Gun Control

Despite the General Assembly killing off a large portion of Governor Ralph Northam’s gun violence prevention agenda, Charlottesville’s League of Women Voters is calling for tighter gun control.

The group is also helping to educate its members on firearm laws. Members gathered at City Space on Sunday, January 21, to learn from firearm safety lobbyist Andrew Goddard about current gun control measures and how to help call on lawmakers to add more.

“It’s as if to say we have two choices: everybody in this room has to carry a gun at all times, or nobody can have a gun at all,” says Goddard. “And this is where the logic breaks down.”

Goddard, who’s the legislative director of the Virginia Center for Public Safety, says gun control is not about taking people’s guns away.

“Gun ownership and gun violence prevention are not mutually exclusive,” says Goddard. “We pose no harm to a law-abiding gun owner as long as they’re using the gun responsibly and for a legitimate purpose.”

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