Learn to Fly Drones without Using Drones

If you want to learn how to fly a drone, maybe don’t start off with that expensive drone you bought.  Instead, consider learning how to fly your drone using flight simulation software like SynCity

From Drone Life

The testing and training in the field that’s required to ensure that new drone AI technology is safe and effective is a major barrier to entry – and a major expense.  It’s a problem that big data company CVEDIA is solving with a solution they call SynCity.

AI and drones have been a hot combination in recent months, as the commercial applications for artificial intelligence combined with an aerial platform abound.  Verticals including surveying and mapping, agriculture, construction, law enforcement, surveillance and security, weather monitoring, inspections and insurance are all recognizing the benefits of AI to power drone technology.  That’s not including other areas like self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles, also heavily reliant on AI advances.

SynCity is a photorealistic simulator able to create any type of scenario with accuracy to train that intelligence: scenarios like agricultural fields, mining dens, bridges over water.  The platform is also able to simulate the sensors used on drones: LiDAR, cameras, IMU, or GPS, for example.

“The benefits of using a simulator versus real-world data or in conjunction with real-world data is a major reduction in both costs and damage to the drones as well as the sensor equipment as a result of crashes,” says Natalia Simanovsky, SynCity’s Business Development Lead.



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