The Left’s Calls to Break up Big Social and Big Tech Increases, and It’s Because…..Russia

The boot licking statey leftist trolls over at Vanity Fair are backing up the call by some egg head professor who is calling on Big Social and Big Tech to be broken up in the interest of protecting people from being manipulated by Russia.  Scott Galloway, who is held up as some sort of tech prophet, demonstrates his fundamental lack of understanding of the reality of power and his inability to see that the state he is using a boogeyman is really not doing anything different than the state he is trying to protect.
Hey Scott, if you want to end monopolies, end the regulations that significantly raise the cost of entry for competitors.  Big Social has done plenty to create opportunities for competitors to rise, but the cost of bringing the platforms to bear that might compete with the likes of Facebook is significantly raised thanks to regs already in place.  What you’re really proposing is creating slightly more Big Socials that are all the more dependent on the good graces of the state to hold their status as one of the few Big Socials.
You might protect the dimwits (and I’m sure that’s what you think of all of us) from the great big Russian monster, but you’ll be making them even more vulnerable to the monster that is far more of an immediate threat to their power of individual choice, the state right here.

From Why Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple Should Be Broken Up

The New York University business and marketing professor (Scott Galloway) told a Business Insider Future of Mediagathering in New York that the four giants should be broken up precisely because they threaten, not enhance, capitalism. Along the way he got rather vivid about their role in transmitting bogus news sand information.

“I won’t say that Zuckerberg has become Putin’s bitch,” he declared, only moments after drolly referencing his university ‘s code of rhetorical conduct. But he very intentionally linked Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Russian President Vladimir Putin in such fashion. It punctuated his argument that Facebook refuses to take sufficient responsibility for bogus material on its platform.

Facebook has conceded that 126 million users may have seen inflammatory political ads bought by a group linked to the Russian government. Zuckerberg infuriated many, especially in Congress, by initially blowing off the notion of foreign interference, calling it a “crazy notion.” He’s since backtracked, with another executive saying Russian involvement was “reprehensible” and promising to be more vigilant.

Read More at Vanity Fair (if you can stomache the statey von stateface boot licking)

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