Liberty Advocate Murdered in Acapulco

Liberty Advocate Murdered in Acapulco

Crypto-Anarchist Shot Dead in Mexico’s Murder Capital Ahead of Anarchapulco – BTCMANAGER

According to a report by The Washington Post, Galton was living in Acapulco with his girlfriend, Lily Forester, after the couple fled the U.S. to escape drug-related criminal drug charges when a group of gunmen entered his home and shot him and his friend Jason Henza.

Henza survived the shooting after he was taken to a private hospital. He reportedly had bullet wounds in an armpit, leg, and hand but was able to check out on the same day. Galton was less fortunate and died during the shooting.

In a statement, the Guerrero State attorney’s office said that it had located a marijuana laboratory on Galton’s premises, which included white lights and gas tanks. No suspects have yet been named and the motive of the murder is currently still unknown.

Shortly after the attacks, Jason Henza posted a video on YouTube stating that he thinks the attack was “backlash,” which suggests that he, Galton, and Forester may have gotten on the wrong side of a local drug gang. Anarchapulco organizer, Jeff Berwick, stated in a Facebook post that Galton was “killed by the Cartel in Alcapulco,” thus confirming this theory.

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