Liberty Web, aka Dark Web, Defies Anti-Gun Restrictions

An unknown gentle soul writing for the Canadian Press has revealed more about themselves than they did in the story they wrote about the “Dark” web (what we at iState call the Liberty Web) allowing “criminals” (insert some sort of vapors-triggering shriek right here) to purchase guns (more vapors-triggering shrieks here please) without the government being aware of who bought what, and who sold what.

It’s the worst of the worst catastrophes, and surely the only people that would be interested in buying something (in this case, guns) from someone else without the government knowing about it must SURELY be criminals.

The unnamed gentle soul that wrote the story for the Canadian Press refers to these guns being sold in the same shocking way the RCMP does (Royal Canadian Mouted Police, which should be changed to Royal Canadian We Will Mount You if You Freedom Too Hard Police, the RCWWMYYFTHP, or RMFP, for short).  They refer to these guns as being “illicit.”  To get your proper translation, you need to pull out your GovSpeak to PlainSpeak dictionary, which I will now do for you.

The guns we have decided you are not grown up enough to own, not responsible enough to own, not belonging to the right privileged class (the govclass) to own are going to be termed illicit because that’s a word with a lot of negative baggage that’s sure to get most of your neighbors to support the kind of beat down we might send your way if you dare defy our arbitrary definitions of what guns you little peasants can own or not own.

The precious little unnamed order follower (or genuine lover of the states, not sure which) goes on to push the pyschological terrorism of the gun grabbers by advancing the narrative that tehre is some gun violence crisis in North America.  Clearly, these people hate children more than they love freedom.  They would rather terrorize your child than allow people to have the freedom to have the basic tools of self-defense.

He says “The message comes (from the RCMP, or RMFP, depending on how you look at them) as thousands of young people across North America demand an end to gun violence, and the Trudeau government moves to tighten laws on the licensing, sale and tracing of firearms.”

The fact that little precious trolls like this are so bothered by the emergence of liberty webs as a response to their draconian attempts to reign in personal choice to have tools of self-defense brings nothing but delight to me.  Here is a little excerpt from the anonymous state propagandist for the Canadian Press:


Dark web fuels gun sales

The emergence of the darknet — the hidden depths of the internet accessible only through tailored software — is posing new challenges for authorities trying to tackle gun trafficking, said Rob O’Reilly, interim director of firearms regulatory services at the RCMP.

While police have shut down rogue online markets like Silk Road in recent years, others quickly pop up in the deepest realms of cyberspace, O’Reilly recently told a national symposium on gangs and guns.

He pointed to the Berlusconi online market, which at last count had 234 listings for weapons including AR-15 rifles, AK-47s, various handguns and countless rounds of ammunition.

The firearms are sold alongside opioids, heroin, cocaine, malware, stolen data, fraud tools, ransomware, pilfered credit cards and even depleted uranium, radioactive Polonium-210 and deadly poisons like ricin.

O’Reilly displayed a photo of an AR-15 magazine and ammunition shipped from a vendor in Montana to a Sudbury, Ont., buyer who had no firearms licence.

The seller made a number of gun-related sales via the darknet before being arrested, each time wrapping the products in plastic and then in Mylar bags before finally disguising them in food packaging.

“Darknet vendors resort to very ingenious means to ship firearms and related components,” O’Reilly said. “In the darknet community, this is known as stealth shipping, and the intent is to disguise or hide the actual contents from law enforcement and border services.”


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Bravo to the folks on the front lines in the fight against the panicked state, desperate to try to maintain its ill-gotten control over the monopoly of force.  Long live the Liberty Web.

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