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Trump Moves Decisively In Favor of the War Hawks in Afghanistan Speech

Many people who held their nose and voted for Donald Trump did so because they believed this was a man who would roll back the wars of aggression being run by former President Barack Obama.  Well, after a series of hints that went in multiple directions about how President Trump would approach Afghanistan, it appears that the hawks have won.  Call them globalists, call them establishment, call them what you want, what they have in common is a committment to bomb the world to freedumb. […]


Is it “Legal” to Freely Disassociate from your Nazi Employees?

Eugene Volokh of the Washington Post asks the question, can private companies fire employees because they attended a white supremacist rally?  Of course, for the liberty-minded among us, that’s not enough a question.  But the fact that the question needs to be answered at all illustrates the degree to which people are conditioned to automatically assume they need permission to act on a fundamental “right” to free association. […]