Local Party Platforms May Signal Principles That Undermine Their National Party Support

The formation of highly local political platforms by major parites may be indicative of the increasing awareness of locals that local issues are fundamentally unique and cannot be managed or understood by a small group of people in a distant land. A local Democratic Political Committee is forming a local political platform, probably unaware of the reality of the underling principles their platform represents, even as the platform they laud contains elements that suggest thy lack the understanding that small groups of people cannot micromanage the lives of the many.

From Providence Journal

While the factions within the Democratic State Committee were battling over the fate of then vice chairman Joseph DeLorenzo, the leaders of the 58-member Warren Democratic Town Committee were putting the finishing touches on what they believe is the FIRST town-level party platform in the state in decades, if ever.

The platform, unveiled on October 30, begins: “We are everyday people working to create a sustainable community through social, economic and environmental justice.”

While the state party platform deals with other big and sometimes thorny issues such as abortion, the platform adopted by Warren’s Dems goes from uniquely Warren issues — such as the need to preserve the trees that residents have battled to keep along Water Street — to planetary issues, such as carbon footprints.

Examples: “Reduce our town’s carbon footprint by encouraging the widespread use of solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy in Warren. … Preserve and protect the historic buildings and spaces that bring people to Warren to live, visit, and invest.”

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