Long Island Gets First Concrete 3D Printing Home Builder

A new home construction company has opened in Long Island unlike any other company there.  This home construction company specializes in building homes using 3D concrete printing.

3D printing concrete to build homes

….Now, after a lot of designing and engineering, they have created a one of a kind, state-of-the-art concrete printer with the capability to construct residential homes and buildings robotically.

The new division, dubbed S-Squared 4D Commercial, created the eco-friendly printer, they are calling “atlas” not only to build a home in as little as 72 hours but to also possess the structural integrity to last one hundred years or more.

“The design meets and exceeds all the specs of state and federal regulations,” explained Pane, a safety officer in the bio-medical industry. Specifically, he continued, the machine pours concrete with virtually no air bubbles, creating a product that is 200 percent stronger with a 70 percent reduction of cost as opposed to traditional construction.

In addition, a 3 bedroom/1 bath home is expected to yield a for sale price as low as $99,000. The company says, the cutting edge technology has the potential to be the next big thing to help improve community infrastructure with practically zero carbon footprint. By reducing the manpower and resources, the home printer can build a house in a fraction of the time, which reduces the impact on the environment all while cutting costs and using eco-friendly materials and methods.

“Long Island is the most expensive place to live. We want nothing more than to be able to build houses for $30,000, barebones, or $100,000 at the high end,” explained Pane. “Our construction is 80 cents cheaper on the dollar than traditional construction.”

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