‘We have lost our resistance to idiocy’ – Lionel

The unfavorable mainstream coverage of President Donald Trump and rising political violence in response to his presidency could lead some to conclude that our times are rife with unprecedented division. Legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media tells RT America’s Manila Chan that American history is abundant with such animosity and suggests that social media merely amplifies the “lunacy” inherent to US politics.

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  1. And every silenced man, from a system that rewards freedom and civil liberties [Hence the civil war as slavery is a civil matter and no man is given the right (only the reward) to trial for the freedom of life aka right to due process.] to the wealthy thus enslaving the poor and righteous and REWARDING the corrupt, HAS A VOICE AND CAN BE HEARD!!!

    You're defense systems (your Constitutional freedoms) can be used to also arm the enemy but NEVER does this mean to stand down from FREEDOM!!!!!

    That man may be educated but he is no genius.

    We didn't lose resistance to idiocy. Idiocy armed itself with our defense systems and adapted to war.

    Fuel the fire and tell them they're winning. Good job. Round of applause.

    The world will commit suicide by jumping off the cliff of the flat square universe with their mental disorder 8 times.

    Density isn't flat aka equal between the density of the interior surface and the parameter aka critical density of a square. No matter how many times you draw a square it's still a square.

    The universe is identical to the planet you live on. No you're not from a foreign square universe. No Earth is not flat. The universe is made of flat parallel circles and has infinite curvature that cause infinite accelerated expansion because parameter functioning is NOT caused by the interior surface.

    Liberal mental patients please jump off the cliff of the universe. You have 8 edges to chose from.

    We haven't lost the war.

    We will NEVER lose the war.

    We have already won the war!

  2. Its nice when we have a president that is leading us all on this crazy train!  Lets not forget that one undisputable fact! Unless you want to dispute it? He's the conductor! Everyone else is just shoveling coal.

  3. Not like your spewing hate with that whole Cheetos dust and basement stuff. Some got no choice but to share resources. Your just trying to antagonize people at the same time you speak out against hate. That would make your ass just as much a part of the problem as anybody else you hypocrite.

  4. I don't quite understand why you think only Trump has ever been "picked on". Both Clintons got picked on non stop, people made fun of George Bush non stop, I remember the non stop jokes about Reagan, sleeping on the job, selling arms to terrorists, etc… And if you think Obama never got "picked on", wow.

  5. I'm fine with him, I rather hear Lionel talk simply because he has truthful intentions & tries his best to express the truth unlike fake corporate mainstream media (CNN, Fox) that spreads disinformation to make us delusional.

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