Love is Not the Beauty, But the Still resting place

Love Is Not the Beauty, But The Still Resting Place (For Jena)

today we take our senses out and make them absorb

the weight and the color and the heat of the world

fever, what you made me believe in was life’s

trick of the eye, that from the coals and drab sheets

of ice below homes and streets we made known


there could be essence of you, essence, you, you in


become a roman candle, become the quiet dead on a

trouble free


together the stars are pictoglyphs spread across the


bald sphere

together the planets are constructions of odd


what are we together, my love?

this is not love, but life needing life’s gentle sway of


over an erratic plain of bursting engines and burning


my love, I wander out of the house and am alone

always unless

you are with me in some sense, the sense of your

body making

the stars come together to form pictoglyphs saying

“love, it is the silences overcoming such a cacophony

life sings”

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