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Two weeks ago, you heard part one of Darrell Becker​ and I’s conversation on “The Philosophic Corruption of Reality” and the role that played on physics beginning in the early 20th century. Last week, you heard our brief introduction to the Electric Universe (EU). This week, you will hear my interview with Wal Thornhill, a physicist from Australia and one of the leading experts on the EU theory. We discussed Immanuel Velikovsky and the influence he had on the development of the EU theory, various components of the EU, such as the electric sun, the connectedness of the universe, the mistakes of the mainstream model, and much, much more. What do you think? Like, share, and subscribe! New podcasts released every Sunday! Find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein Radio, and Google Play (or visit… for other ways). Check out the website: PayPal: Patreon:… Bitcoin: 15Bdzduwt92jYFGFaK2NSkPYFTaLbtonJg Ethereum: 0x019793a6a11b46882b66cc593fe251d249560ad3 DASH: XbPZeX1yNSA7AuBxtTKqRnf9kyysYpKZzo Litecoin: LSfz9EwpLsKpKxAJa7veiVy8CdLbUWVs3X Zcash: t1W4sDwqsn8ESj9iVP84AMC1oxsb6msELf7 “Like” LUA: Follow LUA:


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