MA Preschool Bans Phrase “Best Friend” to Eliminate Exclusiveness



It seems a preschool in Massachusetts has decided to outlaw the phrase “best friend” from within its walls and, presumably, on its playground.  The anti-free-association preschool is the Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Georgetown, MA.

One of the families of a child attending the school found out about the school policy when their daughter informed them that the school would no longer let her call her best friend her best friend.  The little girl is Julia.  Her mother is Christine Hartwell.  The mother, rightly so, has taken her daughter out of that school, calling the ban on the phrase “outrageous” and “silly.”

The move by the school is one of two things-

  • It is a deliberate attempt to undermine a fundamental principle of liberty, the right to free association, only to replace it with a collectivist ideology.
  • It is in all-informed attempt to imbue in children the myth of ‘equality’ and ‘sameness.’

If it is the former, a deliberate attempt to undermine the fundamental principle of liberty, the right to free association, then the school is being run by tyrant-enablers who will have little to hold them in check in attempting to indoctrinate the children the parents are paying them to take care of to one day turn against their parents if and when they should come up against the more important, more cherished collective that is working to create “equality” and “sameness” for all.

This potentially makes them enemies of the very parents they are taking money from, and thus these people should not be entrusted to the care of other folks’ children.

If it is the latter, an ill-informed attempt to imbue in children the myth of “equality” and “sameness,” then the school is run by uneducated, ill-informed ideologues who have no basic understanding of human nature or of children.  As such, the people who run that school should not be entrusted to the care of other folks’ children.

On their website, the school claims, “We believe that children learn and grow with each new experience. Our program of activities is designed to expose children to a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences. Each child approaches the activities in an individual way based on their personality and level of maturity. In doing so, they build the skills they need to be a productive learner and a successful human being!”

That claim to catering to the needs of the individual is either a lie or the people who run this school do not understand the significance of not allowing for free associations to form, unfettered by the artificial banning of phrases that are borne from the fruit of such associations.

The school is privately owned and operated, so they are free to run the school as they see fit.  The parents are not forced to take their kids to this school, and as such, they are free to continue to subject their children to this unnatural indoctrination of sameness under the name of equality or to remove their child from a school run by people who are either simply incompetent or dangerous, tyrant-enabling, collectivist-enforcing ideologues.

Either way, it is, from my perspective, a good thing to see that many parents have already moved to take their kids out of this oppressive, anti-human, anti-liberty environment.


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