Maduro Breaks Goddard’s Law, Calls Trump Hitler

When Nicholas Maduro, the madman socialist dictator calls Donald Trump the new Hitler, it makes for some rip-roaring fun but fails to muster credibility.  It’s LITERALLY like Hitler calling Trump Hitler.
 Venezuela’s president called Donald Trump ‘the new Hitler’
President Donald Trump urged world leaders Tuesday to help restore “democracy and political freedoms” in Venezuela, singling out the South American country for some of his most blistering criticism in a speech to the United Nations.Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hit back by calling the U.S. president “the new Hitler” of international politics. He also accused Trump of threatening to assassinate him, even though Trump did no such thing. Trump threatened to build upon sweeping economic sanctions that the U.S. slapped on Venezuela last month if Maduro “persists on a path to impose authoritarian rule.”
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