Making Diesel Fuel in a War-Torn Zone – VIDEO

How To Make Diesel: From The Frontline of a Besieged Syrian Town – 1/7/18

I came across this video below some time ago from Middle Eastern reporting agency Aljazeera, and I was quite impressed at how these citizens from Ghouta, a town in Syria that has been besieged since 2013, has managed to survive through resourcefulness.

While this post is about the process they undertake to make diesel fuel in a terrible situation, it does not detract from the struggle the 400,000 residents of Ghouta have been going through. Not only is there restrictions on people entering or leaving the area, but supply routes are also greatly limited which has caused endless issues from medical and surgical supplies and an inability to treat diseases, starvation, fuel shortages and no electricity. That’s just to name a few.

How to make diesel with limited resources

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