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PrepBusters: With Emergency Food, What Does a Body Really Need? – 1/7/18

Prepper food has to shelf-stable. At least some of it needs to be easy to cook with minimal resources. There’s a lot of other things we’d like it to be too, but we can’t have it all at once. So what’s most important?  It’s often not the stuff that is most promoted in the advertising, that’s for sure.

Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You

Episode 54: Lies & Omissions – Prepper Nutrition Labels

January 06, 2018

Salty & Spice

When you start looking at these labels for emergency kits, you may be less enthusiastic about their contents. When you study what they consider serving sizes you may be alarmed.

(By the way, I’m not a doctor or registered nutritionist, so these aren’t professional recommendations. I am a biologist with a professional interest in this field.)

Short term supplies

For short term supplies (such as a three-day bag), there’s not a big ‘critical’ list. Nobody’s going to get vitamin deficient inside of a week. So what Is really needed?

  • Calories: Necessary but obvious; all I’ve got to add is that while lack of food won’t kill a person in short order, it will inhibit the ability to be very physically active (especially for those unused to such efforts) and make hypothermia much more likely if exposed to cold.
  • Not too much salt: If you have hypertension, a big spike in sodium intake coupled with the stress that leads to living off of emergency supplies is a very bad combination. More on hypertensive crises in another post, but really; you don’t want one. The ‘add water and eat’ prepper meals are sometimes ridiculously rich in sodium.
  • The right amount of sugar: Sugar and foods that quickly spike blood sugar, such as pasta. A lot of people can manage their own blood sugar quite well even with an unkind diet and don’t need to worry about this one. There are a whole lot of others who are either diabetic or otherwise bad at managing their own blood glucose who can’t afford to be so careless. If this is you or someone you care about:


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