Man Calls Police To Turn Gun In, Gets Killed by Police

Man Shot with Hands Up While Attempting to Give Gun to Cops

Rueben Galindo, Charlotte Mecklenburg, North Carolina, David Guerra, Kerr Putney

29 year-old Rueben Galindo of Charlotte Mecklenburg, North Carolina, decided to call the police and turn in his gun to them.  So he called 911 to attempt to arrange for him to hand his gun over to the police.

The act of self-pacification turned into the last decision Galindo would ever make.

According to his wife, Azucena Zamoraro, Galindo had decided that he no longer wanted the firearm to be in his home, so he called 911 with the hope of arranging to have his gun taken from him by the police.

The 911 dispatcher, upon hearing this request by Galindo, asked him if he had any other guns.  He informed her that he had no other guns.  After about a 15 minute conversation, during which Galindo informed the police that he had his gun in a bag, the dispatcher decided that the cops would come to his house to retrieve the gun.

Galindo agreed to having the cops come to his home.  He also informed the dispatcher that he had no bullets in his gun.  As a matter of fact, he had no bullets for his gun whatsoever.  As the minutes went by, while the police were en route, the dispatcher assured Galindo that the police were only going to his home to help him.

At one point in the call there was some confusion, as the dispatcher appeared to tell Galindo to leave the weapon.  The dispatcher most likely meant for Galindo to leave the weapon in the home when he greeted the police, but clearly, Galindo did not understand what she meant.  He appeared to have understood that he should leave the weapon with the police, which is what he wanted to do the whole time.

When the police arrived, they did so with guns drawn, prepared for battle.  Now, mind you, Galindo had called 911 and requested the police come to take his gun from him.  So why would the police be arriving at his home in what appears to be battle preparation mode?

That was the first mistake by the police who, it would seem, appear to be afraid of the mere mention of a gun, even one that a ‘citizen’ appears ready to turn over to them, even one in which the citizen made clear had no bullets in it.

But, seeing a man walk outside his home was enough to spring the well-armed, and well-armored police into action.  They pulled their guns out immediately, going into threat mode, and yelled at the man, the man who had called them to take his gun from them, “manos,” meaning “hands.”

As soon as Galindo heard the word manos, he immediately put his hands up in the air.  Some officers shouted at him to throw the gun down while another yelled at him to put his hands up.  Galindo put his hands up.  Just seconds later an officer decided the mere appearance of a gun, a gun that a man had called his department to turn in, a gun that the man had informed the dispatcher had no ammo in, it, was enough to warrant firing on the man, killing him almost instantly.

As could be expected, Galindo’s family came out, grieving, angry, in shock.  The police naturally pulled their guns on their family, because, you know, how dare a family grieve and get angry at cops for killing a man who was simply trying to turn his gun in.

The man who murdered Galindo was Officer David Guerra.  This is a man who, apparently, must have been firmly indoctrinated by the progressive-culture to embrace fear of guns.  Now, the Chief of Police in Charlotte Mecklenburg is man named Kerr Putney.  This man never saw an unjustified killing, apparently, because his response to the shooting was, “I’m not going to second-guess how (his officers) perceive a lethal threat.”

When a man calls YOUR department to hand in HIS gun and complies immediately when someone tells him to put his hands up in the air, YOU DON’T IMMEDIATELY OPEN FIRE!  That’s basic human common sense right there.

I don’t know what the fallout will be from this murder of an innocent man, a man who was clearly demonstrating his willingness to pacify himself before the state, but I do know this, were I a resident of Charlotte Mecklenburg, North Carolina, I would feel singularly unsafe knowing trigger-happy Officer David Guerra was patrolling the streets.  This is a man who apparently will shoot you if you’re even holding a gun, a gun not pointed at him, a gun he was sent to retrieve from a man who was voluntarily giving up,

I would not feel safe knowing that the police department, with all the lethal force it was ‘permitted’ to use, with all the power of the state behind it, was being run by a police chief who saw nothing wrong with one of his officers murdering a man who had his hands up in the air and had called the police to turn in his gun, a gun he TOLD YOU was without bullets.

The moral of the story is this, don’t disarm, and except in incredibly rare occasions, NEVER EVER EVER call the police.  You might be calling Officer Guerra, and his chief might be Kerr Putney, two men not fit to have the power of life of death over any human being.

Now, lest you believe there is hyperbole in this story, I urge you to watch this video for yourself.

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