Man Sues Police After Arresting Him for Making Fake Police Facebook Page

Parma Police Getting Sued After Arresting, Charging Man for Making Hilarious FB Page

Parma Police Department, Anthony Novak, Fake Facebook Page,

A man produced a Fake Police Department Facebook page to troll the local police department.  He produced ridiculous posts on the page that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would quickly realize was a fake page.

The account included announcing community meet-ups where the police department would essentially hire people on the spot based on answering a few silly questions.  Unfortunately, I could not find a record of the actual posts, however, I remember when this first happened.  If you read any MSM story, including the one I excerpt from below, they will not, do not provide details of the posts, only a brief mention of posts about the department conducting teen abortions and declarations that it was illegal to feed homeless people (a declaration that is actually true, sadly in some jurisdictions).

What is even more interesting is some of the articles originally written back then had originally included some of the posts he created.  But now those articles appear to have had that content removed.

Still, Anthony Novak is one of my trolly heroes.  The fact that he was acquitted and is now suing this snowflake police department brings me no end of pleasure.  This, my friends, is how you Facebook right.


Anthony Novak filed suit against the city of Parma and three officers Tuesday. Authorities said he created a Facebook page in March 2016 that displayed a name similar to Parma’s police department and posted items suggesting police were conducting teenage abortions. The page also suggested it would be illegal to help the homeless for three months.

Novak was charged with a felony count of disrupting public services and acquitted after trial in August 2016.

The lawsuit seeks financial compensation, legal fees, and an injunction against Parma police.

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