Man Yells Vulgarity at Caitlyn Jenner, Police Seek to Arrest Him


A man yells to Caitlyn Jenner, ‘Oi, Bruce, get your d*** out.’ MSM give that story a headline that reads, “Caitlyn Jenner ‘suffers vile transphobic abuse’ as she leaves an LGBT awards show in London.” The London Police, however, are on the case, to track down the miscreant that committed this abuse of Jenner. His crime? Hate speech, of course.
No one is condoning yelling a transsexual what this man allegedly yelled at Caitlyn Jenner. But if you are applauding the government being empowered to define “hate speech,” and to arrest you for committing it, then you deerve your slavery. We, however, do not.


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