March Given As Possible Deadline For War with North Korea

The former UN ambassador and Presidential candidate, John Bolton, recently made statements about North Korea that is setting off giant red flares of warning into the sky for those of us unfortunate enough to have to look at what’s going on between the Trump administration and the Kim Jung Sun administration.

Bolton’s comments came from the House of Commons as he spoke with British political leaders about the situation in North Korea.  Bolton first made the claim that high-ranking CIA operatives have told him that North Korea is just months away from having the capability to strike any part of the US with a nuclear missile.

Bolton gave the deadline for that potential reality as March of 2018.  That march deadline also happened to have been shared by a high ranking US Commander when  he talked to the European Parliament last week.

I do not believe that Bolton is acting on his own here.  I believe we are seeing a concerted effort to prepare Americans for a war with North Korea, and they mean to gin up support for this action by raising the fear bells as loud as they can, that North Korea will destroy us with its nuclear hell.

As we reported just yesterday, we see two major political leaders, the perennial war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham and National Security Advisor McMasters BOTH warning of imminent pre-emptive strikes against North Korea.  Meanwhile, China is warning the US that such a strike would be catastrophic.

As I speculated in yesterday’s article, it is possible that what we are seeing here is a recognition from the Trump administration that it is only a matter of time before China’s military capability is on par or superior to the United States, that now is the time to significantly set back China’s progress to preserve US hegemony in the region that both nation-states have identified as essential to controlling, the South China Sea.

If any of my readers is ever tempted to fall for the jingoism that is sure to follow should my speculation be accurate, I urge you to watch this documentary, 14 Diaries of the Great War, before you so easily sign up in support of what is sure to bring death to millions, and ruination to millions more.

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