Maryland Moves to Allow Medical Pot Users to Get Gun Permits

From our Longer Leash files, a quandary for the statey von stateface liberals of Maryland has them leaning toward liberty on two counts. The one count is decriminalizing drugs. No, they haven’t decriminalized drugs, but they have legalized “medical marijuana.” But as soon as they legalized medical marijuana, the folks with the magic cards that let them purchase medical marijuana were informed they could no longer purchase or possess firearms.
Well, here’s where the quandry comes in, statey von stateface liberal are all in for decriminalizing drugs (I’m with you there), but they’re pretty solidly against gun ownership and possession In this case, they have chosen to move to not create an impediment to the legalization of medical marijuana, so the “lawmakers” are working on assuring that medical marijuana card carriers can purchase and possess firearms like all other Marylanders.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Users Can’t Get A Gun Permit, But Senate Bill Could Change That

Jokingly calling it the “libertarian bill of the year,” Maryland senators heard testimony this week on a bill that would allow medical marijuana patients in the state to get permits to possess and carry handguns, which they are currently not allowed to do.

Under existing law, Maryland State Police can deny anyone a permit to own or carry a gun on the grounds that they are a “habitual” user of the drug. But Senate Bill 602 would clarify that no one could be denied a permit to possess or carry a gun “solely on the basis that the person is authorized to use medical cannabis.”

“Because we have deemed this medicine and said it’s lawful, I don’t think we should take away people’s other lawful rights,” said Sen. Michael Hough (R-Frederick County), one of the bill’s sponsors.

The bill has drawn widespread support from both advocates of marijuana and the Second Amendment, including the NRA, who argued such a prohibition on gun ownership is extending to any other legal drug, even opioids.


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