Why it Matters that the TurkReich is Assaulting Afrin

For those of us who imagine a world where non-coercive governance is possible, where coercive enterprises no longer dominate the manner in which human beings resolve conflicts and protect one another from actual violations of our person and property, then Afrin is a pretty big deal right now. It’s part of an experiment in non-coercive governance.
Don’t let the headline on the article we’re excerpting from fool you. Don’t let the word progressive cause you to run for the hills to get away from the scary commies and SJWs. Rojava, of which Afrin is a part, is a progressive democracy, a direct democracy. But unlike the ‘progressives’ in America, Rojava does not use coercion to attempt to force its mores on anyone.
Regardless of whether or not progressive democracy is your thing, Rojava is an experiment, one with over 2 million participants in non-coercive, free-association governance.
What Turkey is doing right now, in its efforts to crush the Kurds in Afrin, is worth paying attention to, because we will see at a real-time, large-scale level, how free association ‘nations’ manage an external threat from a coercive enterprise like the TurkReich.

The world’s most progressive democracy is being born. Don’t let it get strangled

….why should we care about this latest development in the Syrian war? Because Afrin, along with the cantons of Euphrates and Jazira, is experimenting with a form of bottom-up, direct democracy that is arguably more progressive than any other system in the West. When I visited Rojava — or the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, as these cantons are collectively known — in March 2016, I witnessed a revolution unlike any other; women’s equality, with the end of patriarchy their avowed goal, is driving this revolution.

Is your hair standing on end yet? Every institution — local councils, schools, hospitals — is run on a co-presidency rule with a man and a woman sharing all posts, including the command of their defense forces.
Photos of the women of the YPJ in military fatigues and colorful scarves in the front line against ISIS have been the outside world’s only peek into this society. Parallel to an administration with equal quotas for men and women, there are women-only structures that have the power of veto on all policies relating to women.


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