Meet Prometheus’ 21st Century Fire, Anonymity

Prometheus was a greek god who defied Zeus and paid a terrible, eternal price for that betrayal.  Prometheus dared believe that humanity should have the great secrets of the gods, represented in the iconic form of fire.  According to greek legend, Zeus had taken away the secret of fire from humans.  Prometheus, however, loved humanity, and decided to defy the greatest god of them all, and restored the secret of fire to humanity.

What was his penalty?  Prometheus was tied to a rock, naked, splayed in a way that allows eagles to swoop down and daily remove his liver, which grows back, only to be devoured again the next day.  Zeus could not let this blatent rebuke of his authority over humanity stand, though even Zeus could not undo what Prometheus had done.  He brought fire, light, knowledge to humanity.  He gave humanity a power to depend on themselves and not Zeus for light in the dark, for warm in the cold.

All that Zeus could do was make a terrible example of Prometheus, one on visible display as a warning, not to humans, but to the other gods who might dare challenge Zeus’ authority and pass on more secrets to humans that would allow them to own themselves, to rely on their own authority, not the authority of Zeus

We’ve covered a few stories recently, including the purported suicide of an Alphabay admin and the gloating of authoritiarian-in-chief Jeff Sessions.  Make no mistake about it, the greatest threat to the state is anonymity, whether it comes in the form of untraceble 3d-printed guns or untracable cryptocurrency, the states around the world are all united in their committment to crush any near-semblence of anonymity, and they will make those who help make such a reality even remotely possible a brutal example of their wrath.

State Agents Target Dark Web’s Dream Market

Case in point is the political imprisonment of Ross Ulbricht, who is serving not one but TWO life sentences for daring to create a platform  that allowed people to exchange anonymously, placing their transactions outside the purview of the ever-demanding, ever-hungry state.  In a sense, Ulbricht is a tragic modern-day Prometheus, who, metaphoricaly, is having his liver picked apart by Eagles, the United “States” of America.  But, like Prometheus, the technology he demonstrated  cannot be contained. The “secret” of this “fire” canot be taken back.

While these recent events, and the events to come (as state agents continue to dismantle elements of the dark web) may seem discouraging to many who champion for the emergence of liberty, they are not a reflection of the omnipotence of the state, but rather of the desparation of the state.  They are the actions of Zeus after the fact of the reveleation of the secret of fire.  Tragically, many will be caught up in the snare and will pay a dear price, have already paid a dear price.  But they are but a drop in the bucket for the numbers of people the ‘state’ is finding it more and more expensive to track, to destroy.

They cannot contain the rapid developent of technologies that are everyday allowing, if not total anonymity near anonymity, technoligies that raise the cost of the state in finding those who wish not to be found, outside of a few isolated cases, but hardly scratching the surface of an ever-increasing number of people who are opting to go off-grid, off-radar, to go deeper and deeper in places where government lights are less powerful to penetrate.

As the ‘state’ unavoidably grows, it will require a heavier cost from its ‘citizens,’ making it more beneficial for more people to choose the path to the fire of Prometheus, to draw ever closer towards anonymity, from ghost gunning to near-anonymous cryptocurrency, to near-anonmyous ever deeper webs where transactions take place outside the mindful eye of the voracious state.

So, do not lose hope, do not be discouraged.  “We,” the pursuers of liberty, are winning a war that ultimately, the ‘state’ cannot win.  The fire is burning. The secret is out.  The achilles heel of the state is revealed and its name is anonymity.

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