Memristors Are Coming, and Electronics Will Never Be the Same

Memristors could soon replace transistors, and the replacement could change electronics forever.

Nanotechnology breakthrough could change future of electronics design

…..a team of scientists from the University of Southampton has achieved one such breakthrough that could open the door to a new generation of electronics.

In a paper published to Scientific Reports, the research team revealed that it achieved blistering speeds using a newly developed memristor – a simpler and smaller alternative to the transistor, with the capability of altering its resistance and storing multiple memory states.

Memristors are seen as the next evolutionary step of transistors as they are smaller, simpler, require less energy and can retain data by ‘remembering’ the amount of charge that has passed through them.

This effectively creates a computer than can switch on instantly and remember every action ever performed on it.

The Southampton team has now smashed the record for memristor capacity with storage of up to 128 discernible memory states per switch. This makes it four times more powerful than any other previously reported memristor.

It was achieved by evaluating several configurations of functional oxide materials, the core component that gives it the ability to alter its resistance.

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