Michigan Senate Passes Bill Allowing Conceal Carry in Schools

Concealed Carriers Who Are Trained will be Able to Carry in Schools if Michigan Senate Bill Passes House

The gun grabbers in Michigan were discombobulated yesterday, November 8th, 2017, when the Michigan State Senate passed a pro-gun bill by a vote of 25-12.  The bill would allow properly trained concealed carriers of guns to carry in places where previously they could not, in schools, churches, day care centers, bars, and stadiums.

Though significantly outnumbered, the Democrats trotted out the dead bodies of the latest mass shooting in a last ditch effort to make it easier for mass shooters to find soft ‘gun free zone targets,’ such as the Texas Church Shooter knew he’d find.

The nature of that shooting, and the outcome of the shooting for the killer, should serve to reinforce the phrase “mo guns, mo better” (as my co-host on Full Auto, Professor Rambo, likes to say) as being the right prescription for the most effective deterrence to would-be mass shooters.

This man systematically went through a small church, knowing he would be facing unarmed people, and executed people one at a time, specifically targeting small children.  No one had any power to stop him inside the church.  The only person who did stop him was the one who confronted him outside the church, using his own AR-15.

It is always nice when the owners and managers afford us a longer leash, and I only hope the bill gets through the House and “allows” people the fundamental human right to be able to equip themselves to deal with threats from those who would otherwise find easy quarry, waiting for summary execution.

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