Miner Arrested for Raping Woman Reveals He’s a She

A woman looking to strike it rich mining disguised herself as a man to get the opportunity.  Years later, she had to reveal her secret after being falsly accused of raping another woman.

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“When the police came, the men who did the rape said: ‘This is the man who did it,’ and I was taken to the police station,” she explained. There, she told the police her perfect alibi: she couldn’t have raped the woman because she herself was one.

At first, even the police didn’t believe her, but after a quick physical investigation, her gender was obvious and she was let free. Hussein outed herself as a woman to the townspeople and her fellow miners.

It took them until she married and had children of her own to really come to terms with it. Many still call her Uncle Hussein.

Now, Hussein owns her own mining company which employs 70 people, many of whom are women that work as cooks or brokers. Through her hardship, she has been able to grant her nieces, nephews, and her own children an education and a life very different from her own.


Old Miner Arrested after They Told Cops He Raped Her. But Cops Shocked by His True Identity

…and no one was the wiser.

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