When Missiles Strike, Prepare for Survival, not Death

In the wake of the Hawaii Fake Missile warning, a lot of people are asking questions about preparing for disasters.  One thing that emerged in the disaster was how many Hawaiians simply seemed to be preparing for death, rather than planning for survival.

Prepper nation has entered the mainstream, it seems, at least for a while, as can be seen in this article in the National Review that challenges the reader to NOT prepare for death in the event of an actual missile attack, but prepare, instead, to survive.

If a Missile Alert Sounds, Prepare to Live

…..you have far more control over your survival than you might think. Time and isolation are your friends. The more walls you can put between yourself and not just the blast but also the fallout, the better. Get in a basement. If you don’t have a basement, get in an interior room. Gather as much food and water as you possibly can and hunker down. Every single hour, every single day you can stay indoors and protected from the elements brings you closer to survival.

The radiation threat tends to diminish rapidly. Resist the urge to be an apocalypse tourist. There is no need to try to record the nuclear blast on your phone, and running outside after the boom is a really, really bad idea — unless it’s the only way to escape a fire. Otherwise the reward for your curiosity could be an agonizing, unnecessary death due to radiation sickness. Stay put. Be patient. Eat your canned food and drink your water. Unless we’re dealing with a massive nuclear exchange with Russia — or, say, a serious attack from China — help will come. The closer you are to the blast, the more time it will take to safely transport serious aid, but your survival is far more in your hands than you think.

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