Did Missouri Go Too Far with Gun Rights? The Answer is Yes, and Here’s Why

Have gun rights gone too far in the state of Missouri?  Well, what if I told you yes, yes they have?  If you read iState regularly, you will be shocked to read this, but let me explain.  Missouri is introducing legislation that would compel private entities, even churches, to allow people to carry guns on their premises.
This is a violation of their property rights, and no, your “right” to carry a gun doesn’t trump their property rights.  If you don’t like a private entity’s position on carrying guns, then don’t go back to that private space.  It’s as simple as that.

CCW Holders Could Pack Heat in Church Without Pastor’s Permission Under New Bill

Newly filed legislation proposed by state Representative Rocky Miller (R-Lake Ozark) aims to remove one of the few remaining restrictions on people with a Concealed Carry Weapon permit in the state of Missouri — the requirement that they get permission from the pastor before packing heat in church.

Because, yeah, what churches just don’t have enough of these days are guys with guns.

Last year, the Missouri state legislature weakened state gun laws just about as far as they could go, with the Republican supermajority overriding Governor Nixon’s veto to approve new laws that make it easier for people to “stand your ground,” to earn the right to conceal and carry their weapons, and to take those weapons just about anywhere.

But for some gun lovers, even that wasn’t enough. After all, the law did carve out some exceptions — including churches.

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