Monetize Your Private Data on a Social Economy Blockchain

A new blockchain technology called Robin8 could put your user data out on the market to be sold to the highest bidder.  But they won’t be buying from Facebook or Google, they’ll be buying from you.

A Profile-Based Social Economy Breaks Barriers With Blockchain

A transparent model provided by Blockchain could be the solution to a controlled and insecure social media economy. Highly-secure, transparent and scalable, the perks of Blockchain span beyond advertising. Consumers want to know for sure that what they share online is maintained privately. With companies like Facebook and Equifax adhering to traditional methods, and not caring enough for the privacy of their customers, the best solution is a profile-based economy that Blockchain can provide.

Robin8 PUT builds a bridge between consumers and social media sharing

A new wave of social media rises above the surface. With social channels like Facebook still accepting the fake news, Robin8 steps in to protect user profiles in the social media scenario. Empowering consumers to monetize their data could make the advertising industry more transparent, scalable and secure to the people using it.

Robin8 uses an artificial intelligence engine to rank and profile users based on reach. Facebook and Google are well-known for monetizing people as products through targeted ads and marketing campaigns. Within the Robin8 Blockchain marketplace, buyers that want to access consumer data will have to buy PUT tokens to reward the data owner (e.g., influencer, consumer, content creator). Similarly, if advertisers want people to share/view their content, they will also have to buy Robin8 tokens and pay person viewing or sharing. Token recipients will be able to redeem their coins for cash or used them for future appreciation on the Robin8 platform.

In this stage of the project, Robin8 applies the technology in the digital advertising and marketing space, matching, profiling and ranking influencers using AI and Big Data. The platform provides a seamless, scalable advertising channel that focuses on people as the media.

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