MSM Story on Felons Getting Guns Highlights Need for Ending Gun Control Laws

Bearing Arms featured a media watchdog article that exposed a dirty little secret about ‘gun control’ that the CBS affiliate reporting on the original story missed.  CBS was covering a story about how easy it was for felons to get guns on the streets.  Here, first, is an excerpt from the Bearing Arms story:


It’s safe to say that CBS and other mainstream media organizations aren’t precisely friends of the Second Amendment. A recent story about gun violence in Chicago appears to keep up that trend when it’s announced, “The problem we heard – and saw – over and over again, was guns.”

The firearm enthusiast community would be easily forgiven for simply rolling their eyes at the post and not thinking anything of it. After all, a mainstream media story blaming guns for violence? That only happens on days that end in the letter “Y”, right?

In the midst of the standard fear mongering about guns, however, CBS accidentally exposes a truth that they might not have intended to.

Asked where he got his .40-caliber gun, he said, “Off the streets, people sell ’em.”

“Just like that, that’s how easy it is,” another man said.

“It’s worth it for you to keep these guns?” Diaz asked.

“We felons. You know what I’m saying? Ain’t nobody gonna give us no jobs. The cops don’t give a f*** about us.”

Admitted felons saying they have no real problems getting their hands on guns.

Every licensed firearm dealer in this country is required to do a background check. They require a photo ID and the purchaser is required to fill out ATF Form 4473, which specifically asks if one is a felon.

In Chicago, it’s a bit more involved. There you have to get a Firearms Owners Identification Card from the Illinois State Police, take an approved safety course, get a Chicago Firearms Permit, then after you buy the gun you have to register it with the city within five days of the purchase. Failure to register it within those five days, and your gun is deemed unregisterable.



CBS essentially was creating a story intended to reinforce the anti-gun culture their handlers wanted them to perpetuate.  But the story prevents a couple glaring problems for their narrative.  One of those problems Bearing Arms points out.  The fact that ‘felons’ can go out and get guns anytime they want, and in a lot of cases for cheaper (thanks to the draconian anti-gun laws in Chicago, means that it will make Chicago an easier target for gun-wielding criminals.  The very laws ostensibly created to protect the ‘citizens’ from violence put all of them at more risk of being victims of violence be it gun violence or other violence.

Another element to this story has to do with the racist nature of anti-gun laws themselves, targeted as the almost always are, at urban centers where a disproportionate number of minorities are affected.  Out in the suburbs and beyond, whites, and the few minorities out in the suburbs and beyond, enjoy the freedom to protect themselves against violent crime.  Even though they live in areas with much lower crime rates, they’re still the ones that get the freedom of self defense.

Meanwhile, the minorities, along with some whites in those urban centers, have to face much higher crime rates, but lack the basic freedom of self-defense.  CBS did the pro-gun culture a favor producing this story.  It’s only a matter of time before the people that live on those dangerous streets say enough is enough with restricting our basic right to self defense.  Then, what will the antigunners do?


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