Mutual Aid Relief Station Raided by SWAT in Puerto Rico Because It Wasn’t Government

SWAT teams raid voluntary group for helping people in Puerto Rico

A Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Station was raided by heavily armed government operatives, including a Swat Team, laden with AR15s and armored tactical vehicles.  It’s crime?  The group dared set up a distribution point to aid the people afflicted by Hurricane Irene in Puerto Ric.
But why have I made this story the iDefend story of the day?  Because the actions of the government to attempt to shut down free market, voluntary efforts to bring aid to those in crisis is a sure sign that they recognize these examples are becoming increasingly troublesome to them.  In point of fact, free market, voluntary action is far more flexible, tends to emerge naturally from the people themselves in the area (and thus, they understand the unique needs of the people affected, as well as the unique ways to bring that aid to them) than any bureaucratic solution could ever offer.
Bureaucratic solutions are all the coercive enterprise can offer.  So, while this story is bad news for those who seek to become a state of one, an iState, it’s good news in that it is a sign that the state of one model, the free association model, is the more effective model for human governance than the current model we have, the coercive enterprise model.

This fact is becoming increasingly obvious to the owners and managers of the coercive enterprise.  It must be painfully evident to them, because they are willing to risk the bad PR of shutting down a group that is affecting people in need rather than risk that group adding to the already growing example of free associations outperforming the coercive enterprise.


From It’s Going Down

SWAT Team Raids Autonomous Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Several police vehicles, an armored tactical vehicle, and law enforcement personnel including swat team pointed their guns at relief workers while surrounding and then entering our base of operations in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico in the early hours before dawn of October 16th, 2017. Law enforcement communicated that they were acting from a call that Mutual Aid Disaster Relief volunteers were engaged in “kidnapping”. After checking everybody’s belongings without consent, they forced volunteers out of what was the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Puerto Rico hub at gunpoint and the threat of arrest.

Law enforcement intimidation also included aggressive questioning of our purpose there and whether or not we were protestors or Antifa, had we ever used the raised fist, if we were distributing propaganda, and if we were planning to overthrow the government…..

….We know that repression from the state intensifies when our organizing is perceived by those in power as effective. Rather than be intimidated into silence and passivity, this just furthers our resolve to continue organizing from below to support people’s survival and self-determination.

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