National Reciprocity on Right to Carry Triggers Police Chiefs

Donald Trump’s support for national reciprocity on conceal carry licenses is causing police departments to have a proverbial meltdown.

These guys just don’t trust Americans with guns, even though they walk around with guns, in open carry at that, every day.

Somehow their magic badges must make them more responsible with their guns than average non-badge-wearing Americans are…..or something.

Trump’s support for new bill giving nationwide right to carry concealed weapons met with anger from anti-gun groups

Donald Trump is supporting controversial new legislation that would give people a nationwide right to carry concealed weapons – a measure that has been opposed by police chiefs across the country.

At the moment, concealed carry permits are issued by individual states. For example, a permit issued in Mississippi, where gun regulations are relaxed, does not allow a person to carry a weapon in California, where gun laws are much stricter.

But a bill that would mean each state has to recognise another state’s permit, in the same way it does driving licenses, recently passed the House of Representatives and a version of the legislation is now being considered by the Senate. In 2013, a similar bill failed by three votes.

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