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  1. White people wearing dreadlocks = Cultural appropriation
    Black people appropriating Egyptian history = perfectly fine.

    Saying that Jews were the primary victims of the holocaust and pointing to the mountains of evidence and Hitlers own mad ramblings as proof = Revisionist history

    Claiming that it was actually black people because reasons = perfectly logical and you are a horrible racist bigot if you don't agree.

    Sargon's Law Corollary: SJWs Always project.

  2. Did Blacks even exist in Deutschland at that time ? I don't remember anything from history class that could even be construed to imply blacks were there. So weird……..   Wotan mit uns !

  3. Something tells me that this bitch never attended history class or heard anything about/from actual Holocaust survivors. Either that or she thinks black people, and only black people, can be victims of <insert anything here>

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