Nebraska Bill to Stop Local Anti-Gun Regs Meets Roadblocks

Efforts to curtail localities from infringing on the fundamental human reality (or right, if you prefer that word) of self-defense have been hard slogging in the Nebraska Legislature as one man tries to find “compromises” to push through his bill.

Nebraska lawmaker hopes to make compromises in effort to end local gun regulations

A potential major shift in Nebraska gun control policy stands on the sidelines as state lawmakers start debating legislation this week.

Whether the bill gets in the game could depend on whether compromises can be reached.

The sponsor of a bill that would end the ability of local governments to pass and enforce gun regulations said he intends to make another push to pass the legislation in coming weeks. State Sen. Mike Hilgers of Lincoln expressed optimism that he’ll broker agreements with the law enforcement and municipal interests that oppose the bill.

“I think what’s important is no one has walked away from the table,” Hilgers said recently.

Maybe so, but at least one major player has slid the chair back a little.

The Omaha police union had taken a neutral position last year when the bill made it through the first of three rounds of debate. Sgt. John Wells, the union’s president, said his organization has since shifted to an opposition stance.

The union wants to preserve an Omaha regulation it believes helps keep guns out of the hands of “prohibited persons,” he said. If that issue can be resolved, the union would move back to neutral, which could help the bill get past a certain filibuster in the second round.


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