New Chemical Protection, Removal Survival Kit Released by Fast-Act

A new prepper Survival kit has hit the market from the company “Fast Fact.”  This kit includes equipment and gear to remove and protect yourself from chemical attacks.  There’s a video included in this excerpt.  Let me know what you think of this kit at

FAST-ACT Releases New Survival Kit for Preppers and Survivalists

After more than a decade of working with both the American military and international defense organizations, the US-based brand FAST-ACT is delighted to announce the launch of a line of newly released survivalist products made specifically for private citizens.

FAST-ACT has worked closely with the US military to develop extremely effective chemical neutralization technologies for use against chemical warfare agents and chemically controlled substances. FAST-ACT is now offering these defense tools to the general public, with an emphasis on those who want to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

What is actively used to control harmful vapor and liquid chemicals, is now also at the fingertips of many US citizens to provide a personal defense against chemical releases and spills. Within the FAST-ACT family, interested individuals can now find products such as the Decon Mitt, Air Respiration Mask, Microfiber Towel Pack, and a Powder Bottle Pack. All of the FAST-ACT products are proven to be highly effective in the neutralization of hazardous chemicals……

“Not removing those [chemicals] safely in a grid-down emergency, you could cause further risk or harm to other people. So, having tools and protective gear, things like that, to be able to clean that stuff up is very, very helpful. That’s what this stuff [FAST-ACT] does.” (Thorn, 2018)

FAST-ACT ensures a safe living situation after a chemical attack or spill. Using the wrong products on a chemical spill can cause a situation to become even more of a threat than it was before. In-fact, FAST-ACT products can work hand-in-hand with each other or independently to neutralize a broad spectrum of chemical threats, without the danger of an adverse chemical reaction……..

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