New Dem House Preps for Trump Pouncing Through Tax Return Exposure

It appears the newly-elected Democratic House is telegraphing a continued commitment to uphold their promise to effectively end the Presidency of Donald Trump, by hook or by crook, before 2020.
To that end, the House Ways and Means Committee is considering making a formal request to the Department of Treasury to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns, a move that could have ramifications far beyond the President himself.

These ramifications might not end on Capital Hill, as the House, if it CAN successfully pull the President’s tax return, could pull ANYONE’s tax return, making any expectation of privacy regarding your personal finances a thing of the past, or so the claims go.

But, we’ll let you decide the degree to which the republicans are crying wolf, and the motivations behind their sudden concern for the financial privacy of Americans.


Republicans warn going after Trump’s tax returns could ‘open a Pandora’s Box’

Republicans warned Thursday that if Democrats start to go after the president’s tax returns it will “open a Pandora’s Box” and accused Democrats of “weaponizing tax laws to attack a political foe.”

The Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee held a hearing on presidential and vice presidential release of tax returns Thursday afternoon. It was the first official step the Democratic-led House took towards trying to obtain Trump’s tax returns, though a modest one.

Thursday’s hearing was not specific to the president’s taxes. Instead, it was billed as a hearing on a provision in a large piece of Democratic legislation, H.R. 1, that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.

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