New Hampshire House Passes Bill Letting Strippers Drink on Job

Well it’s about time the state of New Hampshire saw fit to passing a law that lets strippers drink on the job.  Thank God for that.  Wait, hold on there bucko, don’t get all cocksure.  There is no law…yet.

A bill has passed the New Hampshire House that would allow strippers and other workers drink on the job.  We thank our benevolent New Hampshire leaders for even considering allowing us to drink while we work.

Never mind that if we’re drinking and working in a way that interferes with our ability to offer the service we’re being paid to deliver, we probably wouldn’t keep our jobs anyway.

From USNews

House Passes Bill to Allow Entertainers to Drink Alcohol

The New Hampshire House has passed legislation that would allow workers to drink on the job, in very limited circumstances.

The bill was approved Thursday. It would allow entertainers and dancers in establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to drink while performing.

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