New Single-Piston Engines Could Make Combustible Engines Great Again

Is the combustible engine dead?  The European Union and other nations have decided to artificially force the death of the combustible engine by outlawing new cars with combustible engines by the year 2040. But are they being too hasty?

Do combustible engines have room for improvement?  One such engine may offer significantly less gas emissions, significantly less moving parts, weigh less AND still offer the same power.

That engine is called the Aquarius engine.  It is being developed by a small company in Israel.

Feature: Engine of future, will it revolutionize car industry?

There is a lot of hype around autonomous cars, electric or hybrid models and other science-fiction sounding changes but in a small office in central Israel, a different type of change is brewing.

It’s tiny, yet powerful. It’s an engine you can hold with your bare hands.

It has the potential of changing the industry at its core. In the unassuming headquarters of Aquarius engines in Petah Tikva, Gal Fridman, chairman and co-founder of the firm, is confident he and his partners are on to something.

Named after the futuristic hit of the late 1960s, they have already finished developing the 4th generation of the engine.

Fridman picks it up with one hand.

“A regular engine will weight 150 kilograms, will be combined of hundreds of parts. We have only few parts, less than 15, and our engine weighs 15 kilos and creates the same energy,” Fridman told Xinhua……

….In light of the exponential progress of technology, coupled with the demand for more environmentally friendly cars, even the conservative car industry will have to move forward in one way or another.

Fridman felt the industry is ripe for Aquarius engines.

The new engine they propose has only one piston, unlike the six to eight pistons the original engine has. It moves horizontally, creating the energy that then powers the car.

The advantages are numerous.

“The engine is much simpler, that’s why it’s cheaper to manufacture. An average engine … will cost 1,200 euros to manufacture, ours costs 200 euros,” Fridman told Xinhua.


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