New Zealand Cops Want Stricter Gun Control Laws

New Zealand gun laws are already kind of strict.  In order for you to even buy a gun, you have to get approval from the New Zealand Police.  Then, your gun, of course has to be registered with the police, and you also need to have a firearms license which must be regularly renewed.

Despite all these restrictions, the New Zealand Police are complaining that the regulations against guns must be even tighter than they already are.

New Zealand serves as an object lesson to anyone who imagines there is anything such as common-sense gun laws, that appeasing gun grabbers in any way, shape, or form will do anything but embolden them to constantly look to encroach more and more on your ability to own the means of self-defense.  And, after they get your guns, they’ll go after your knives next.

More police officers being threatened with guns – union

Association president Christ Cahill spoke to the Firearm and Public Health symposium at Otago University campus in Wellington yesterday and told the audience it was not known how many guns were in New Zealand.

“With no requirement for registering firearms and no obligation to provide police with firearm serial numbers, we can only estimate how many guns they are in New Zealand.

“Police is also unable to release how many firearms have been stolen, as individual firearms are not tracked,” he said.

Under the current legislation, gun license holders could buy as many firearms as they wanted without a record of their cache, Mr Cahill said.

He gave the example of a patched Headhunter who had amassed $30,000 worth of high-powered and semi-automatic rifles over three years and by the time his license was revoked they had been sold on and their location was unknown.

A police survey last year found one in eight officers had been threatened with a gun, a 38 percent increase since 2015.

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