Charleston, WV Ordinance Banning Guns in Public Parks Shot Down by Court

Here’s some good gun news for the people of West Virginia. A recent court ruling has shot down a lawsuit by the City of Charleston against the WVCDL, West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. The ruling essentially lifted the city’s efforts to ban firearm possession at “… all parks and recreation buildings and facilities, including recreation centers, playgrounds, swimming pools, dressing areas, tennis courts, parks and recreation areas and all parking facilities …” […]


Tupac Lives!  Or So Says Suge Knight

Suge Knight just made a stunning claim during a radio interview with Ice-T and Soledad O’Brien.   He is now claiming that Tupac Shakur isn’t really dead.  He said Tupac was fine when he left him at the hospital, where he was recovering from being shot.  Suddenly, Suge learns that Tupac is dead.  Is it true?  Is Tupac still alive?  Does Tupac live?! […]