The Outlaw Nature of Cryptocurrency, and Why You Should Embrace It

Dr Paul Ennis, a research assistant at the Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation at University College Dublin, has written an opinion piece in Coindesk that shows how entities such as the Silk Road are inevitable outcomes for digital currencies when the practitioners follow libertarian principles. His opinion piece also highlights why nation states are so keen to attempt to control the emergence of digital currencies, as well as embrace these currencies in an effort to stay on top of them. […]


Optical Forging Could Take 3D Printing to the Next Level

Graphene could be the future of expanding 3D printing to areas that, so far, this technology is not yet able to reach.  A new technique promises to 3D print with graphene using laser light.  The process is called optical forging, and it could lower the cost of 3D printing, as well as speed up the process, and finally enable more complex objects to be 3D printed. […]


Charleston, WV Ordinance Banning Guns in Public Parks Shot Down by Court

Here’s some good gun news for the people of West Virginia. A recent court ruling has shot down a lawsuit by the City of Charleston against the WVCDL, West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. The ruling essentially lifted the city’s efforts to ban firearm possession at “… all parks and recreation buildings and facilities, including recreation centers, playgrounds, swimming pools, dressing areas, tennis courts, parks and recreation areas and all parking facilities …” […]