NewsTicker Top Stories – April 25th, 2018


E-democracy plans for Colchester?
Smart Clothes Developed to Monitor People’s Activity
Machine that turns waste into graphene, crude oil developed
‘All Greek flags’ taken down from disputed islets – Erdoğan adviser
CRISPR Screens Stem Cell Genome, Charts Essentialome
Super Earth Aliens Could Be Trapped On Their Home Planet
Here’s Facebook’s once-secret list of content that can get you banned
In human cells, scientists find DNA that looks like a twisted knot instead of a double helix
From the Farside –“Supermassive Black Holes May Harbor Advanced Civilizations”
Russia Will Have Robots in This Year’s Victory Day Parade
Introduction to NEO – An Open Network For Smart Economy
Kevin O’Leary: Social media overregulation would destroy small companies’ ability to find customers
10000 people shouldn’t have guns in California — but it’ll take at least 4 years to get them back
The IMF exaggerated debt warning, but for a good cause


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