NY Judge Rules Marijuana Saves Lives

A ruling by a Manhattan Federal Judge could trigger Mr. Super Anti-Pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions, bigly.  The judge ruled that marijuana saves lives, ruling in favor of medical marijuana users who want the plant removed from the death-sentence category in the FDA, Schedule 1.

Judge declares marijuana saves lives after hearing from users who want its Schedule I status tossed

A judge weighing whether pot should be considered a dangerous drug under federal law seemed sympathetic to medical marijuana advocates during a hearing Wednesday.

Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein heard arguments for a July 2017 lawsuit in which several medical marijuana users sued the federal government.

Under federal law, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug — meaning it’s considered so dangerous that doctors can’t legally prescribe it for medical use.

While 30 states have reportedly greenlighted ganja use in some way, users and vendors could still get charged under federal law — regardless of whether it’s medical or recreational, the suit states.

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