NY Neighbors to Turn in Dangerous People for Gun Removal?

A group of wanna-be dictators-by-committee got together in Albany this past Wednesday, January 19th, to push a new gun grabber strategy, one that has already been applied in Washington State.
The strategy is to appeal to the fear of the powerless, the people who have long ago abdicated their own responsibility to provide for their own basic defense (imagining somehow that the state, which is always only 7 minutes away from any potential assault scene).
It goes something like this, “Really dangerous people have access to guns and they could potentially hurt you because they have guns. Now, they haven’t actually done anything wrong yet, and we don’t have any laws that currently allow us to take their guns, but that doesn’t mean they should have guns. I mean, they’re probably gonna hurt you and we can’t really protect you because we’re 7 minutes away from the scene of an ongoing attack that is usually over in 2 minutes or less (wait, we probably shouldn’t have mentioned that last part).”
So with that fear porn thrust out in front for the whole of the state media to see and reinforce, these anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-progress wanna-be-dictators-by-committee trot their self righteous selves out in front of the welcoming, fear-porn-reinforcing cameras, proudly proclaiming that people should get their guns taken from them merely because someone that knows them THINKS they might do something bad.
And even if they don’t know them, if they have a special shiny badge approved by the ‘state,’ they should also be able to deem that person dangerous, and therefore they should be able to support taking their guns.
I have little doubt that the aggregate view in NY State will more than support this proposed legislation, which will place in to the hands of your neighbors, and your ‘protectors,’ the power to declare that you are no longer worthy of possessing firearms.
Below you will find the excerpt from the article in a “conservative” publication, the NY Daily News, that treats this attempt by the wanna-be-dictators-by-committee to disarm another vast swathe of people, and make everyone in NY an instant potential police state informant, as just another political story and not a fundamentally vulgar assault on the liberties of human beings.

Gun control advocates push for law to prevent dangerous people from bearing, buying arms

A coalition of influential gun control advocates joined forces Wednesday to call for legislation that would make it easier to keep guns away from dangerous individuals.

The groups urged state lawmakers to adopt legislation that would allow judges to temporarily prohibit individuals considered likely to harm themselves or others from possessing or purchasing firearms.

“Plain and simple, this law would allow us to get help to those who need it and keep many New Yorkers from knowing the pain a trauma that comes with gun violence,” said Tricia Pleu of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, one of more than a half-dozen groups that called for passage of the law.

Under the proposed measure, family members or law enforcement could petition a court for “Extreme Risk Protection Orders,” which, if granted, would allow officers to temporarily confiscate firearms and prevent the purchase of additional weapons by those deemed at risk of causing harm to themselves or others.

The person would be then be given the chance to challenge the order in court.

“This legislation empowers loved ones and law enforcement to take immediate legal action to protect public safety if they notice dangerous behavior by people who may be at risk,” Pleu said.

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