Oregonians Fear the Choice to Pump Their Own Gas

Making Freedom Legal Triggers the Home of the Brave

Oregonians terrified at the prospect of pumping their own gas really says all you need to know about how the state can condition you to fear your own ability to take care of yourself.

The hamsters have been set free, but they’re ill prepared for life outside the Hamster Cage.

This is the story of a group of hamsters, we’ll call them Oregonians, who were given a choice to step outside the hamster cage, and who, upon given that choice, coiled in fear and uncertainty and demanded that they be put back in the hamster cage.  It has been a story that has worked wonders to step up the memes of production, but it is also a cautionary tale about the reality we who love liberty face.  Our neighbors don’t want what we’re selling.

This past January 1st, 2017, the people of Oregon were given the permission from their state government to pump their own gas.  Well, not exactly ALL of the people of Oregon, only the people that live in rural areas.

Oregon is one of two states that have laws on the books that do not allow people to pump their own gas.  Instead, every gas station is required to have gas station attendants that pump your gas for you.  I’ve actually experienced this when I’ve sojourned into New Jersey, a state right next door to where I live, Pennsylvania.

Now, mind you, the state of Oregon has not freed all the people to be able to pump their own gas, only the people that live in rural areas.  And also consider this, the lifting of the law’s restrictions in rural areas is not creating a new restriction.

The removal of the law is not FORCING gas stations to do away with gas station attendants, nor is it forcing people to pump their own gas if the gas station they go to still holds on to its gas attendants.  It is simply offering people choice, the choice to pump or to have an attendant pump for you.  It is simply offering the market an opportunity to determine if enough people, in the end, will be willing to possibly pay more to ‘enjoy’ the luxury of having their gas pumped for them.

KTVL CBS 10, a local Oregon news outlet, posed a question for its readers on December 29th, 2017.

They asked their readers, “Do you think Oregon should allow self-serve gas stations state wide?”  That was the simple question, but the answers were not so simple.  Here are a couple of highlights from the respondents who were against the complete lifting of the restrictions on how people get their gas.

These highlights reflect the more typical “No” responses, which seemed to outnumber the yes responses by possibly as much as 2 to 1, if you remove all of the responses from people from the other 48 states that found great amusement in the reaction of Oregonians to having the choice to pump their own gas.

I have blacked out the names for their own protection.  Their level of derpage is so incredibly high that continuing to expose their derpage to the vast iState network could cause embarrassment not just for them but their children’s children’s children’s children (ok, that might be a bit hyperbolic, or maybe not).

Our first respondent we are highlighting said, “I don’t want to pump my own gas, hate the smell and having to get out in the Winter in a skirt, no way.”

This first respondent has decided that pumping her own gas is not something she wants to do.  And she definitely doesn’t want to have to face a market potential reality that maybe too few people will want to keep the gas attendants, and thus she will find herself having to pump her own gas.

Because of this fear that market pressures may eliminate one of her preferences, she is willing to continue to employ individuals with guns to enforce the edicts that protect her from having to face the reality of a free market.

Our second respondent we are highlighting said, “NO!  Disabled seniors, people with young children in the car need help.  Not to mention getting out of your car with transients around and not feeling safe too.  This is a very bad idea.  Grrr”

This respondent chose to pull the elder card, the “but what about the kids” card AND the fear the boogeyman card, all in the span of 35 characters.  This woman has demonstrated some high-level state indoctrination, a level of indoctrination that surely must make the state indoctrinators proud.

Now, remember, the removal of the law is NOT passing a REQUIREMENT that you pump your own gas.  If you want a gas attendant, and the market demand is great enough for gas station attendants to make it cost effective for the gas station, then you can keep your gas attendant.  If there are not enough people that actually want a gas station attendant then, well, you will lose your gas station attendant.

This woman, again using the elder card, the “what about the kids” card, and the fear the boogeyman card, is willing to force everyone else to not have the choice to pump their own gas to assure that her fears are fed and her faux sense of looking out for the weak is fed.  In other words, for the sake of her self-righteous “I’m a good person” feels and the sake of her fears of homeless people, she is willing to continue to employ individuals with guns to enforce the edicts that protect her from having to face the reality of a free market.

This next respondent we chose to highlight illustrates the tendency to create special understanding for people in “official” capacity as opposed to your neighbors who don’t operate in any “official” capacity.

This woman says, “Not a good idea.  There are a number of reasons to have an attendant helping, one is they need a job too.  Many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards of not doing it correctly.  Besides I don’t want to go to work smelling of gas when I get it on my hands or clothes.  I agree.  Very bad idea.”

Look at the wonderful displays of state indoctrination here.  This woman utilizes the “but muh jobs” card right out of the gate.  This card is deployed whenever you really can’t actually justify keeping a government program, but you can’t envision actually ending a government program.

That would be like cutting off your arm, even if it was a third arm growing out of the back of your head, even if you couldn’t actually do anything with that third arm.  Still, it’s an arm, and if you cut it off, you won’t have three arms anymore, you’ll only have two.

The gas station attendant is, de facto, a government employee, in the sense that it is HIGHLY likely that this position does not exist, or exists in very few locations, WITHOUT the government mandate that keeps this position alive.  In the other 48 states where this law does not exist, gas station attendants are extremely rare, and there’s just very little actual market demand for them to continue to exist.

So this de facto government employee, which is often a person who has low skill, often a young person or an older person without much in the way of ‘advanced’ training, is somehow more capable than this woman’s neighbors at figuring out how to pump gas safely.

This woman must be terrified of her community.  This woman is a horrible neighbor with a deep sense of mistrust for anyone who doesn’t fit into a government-defined position of ‘official.’  Again, the state indoctrinators have done an effective job with another person.

Finally, she cries out because she is afraid of smelling like gas as a result of pumping her own gas.  Now, let’s reiterate (because it DEFINITELY bears reiterating) that there is NO EFFORT to REQUIRE she pumps her own gas.  This is only about giving individuals the opportunity to CHOOSE to pump their own gas, and the market an opportunity to find out if there is an ACTUAL demand for gas station attendants or if it is a position that is mostly being preserved by a government mandate.

So, once again, for the sake of protecting this woman from her own fear (fear of her incompetent neighbors, apparently) and satisfying her self-righteous “I’m a good person” feels (protecting the jobs of the gas station attendants) she is willing to continue to employ individuals with guns to enforce the edicts that protect her from having to face the reality of a free market.

Our final respondent we are choosing to highlight said, “I don’t even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian….I say NO THANKS!  I don’t want to smell like gasoline!”

Unlike the other respondents we highlighted, this person is not making any pretensions whatsoever.  It’s all about her and her needs.  It’s all about her and her lack of ability.  She makes no pretense that she will continue to favor employing individuals with guns to enforce edits merely to ensure that she doesn’t have to learn a basic skill and to keep her from smelling like gas.

It’s all about her lack of ability and preserving her smell, whatever that is (and no, I do NOT want to know, because I’m betting it’s cheese, and I’m betting it’s government cheese besides that).

Let me reiterate that these folks are responding to a question that merely asks if ALL Oregonians should have the CHOICE to pump their own gas.  This isn’t asking if all Oregonians should be FORCED to pump their own gas.  Right now, they’re being FORCED to have their gas pumped for them.

Now, let’s think about the quality of the people behind that post on KTVL CBS 10.   They proffered a question in such a way that allowed for the possibility that the continued banning of people pumping their own gas was a legitimate question that actually merited debate.

Methinks once again the state indoctrinators must be proud of their pupils, OR the people running KTVL CBS 10 must be willing participants in continuing the state indoctrination program (or some combination of the two).

Imagine living in a place that calls itself the “land of the free, the home of the brave” only to find out parts of this land contain people that not only have accepted having state guns pointed at them over how they get gas put in their cars, but they actually DEMAND that the state guns CONTINUE to be pointed at themselves, as well as their neighbors, you know, for the elderly, for the kids, for muh jobs, for protecting me from my own stupidity, and for keeping the smell of gas from interfering from my natural government scent.

This whole Oregon gas fiasco has been a real eye opener for a lot of people who wish to, at the very least, significantly reduce the role of the state in their lives.  If your neighbors are like the people of Oregon, good luck reducing the role of the state in your life.  These Oregonians have demonstrated Stockholm syndrome to epic levels.

When Spartacus led the slave revolts against the Roman oppressors back in 70 BC, if he had come across a group of Oregonians and attempted to free them, the Oregonians would have turned on him and his other liberty-loving friends and BEGGED the Romans not to free them from their bondage.

One of the slogans of Oregon is “Things look different here.”  Yeah, they do, they look like the land of the willing slaves, who are afraid of their own neighbors, who are afraid of the free market, who are willing to support, by any means necessary, the continued pointing of government guns at people who dare wish to simply have the CHOICE to pump their own freaking gas, all to satisfy their self-righteous sense of being good people (while continuing to support tyranny) and to protect them from their petty immature fears and lack of skill.

The troubling part of this whole affair is that this type of government-empowering, state-worshiping, liberty-denying mentality is hardly unique to Oregon.  The land of the free is filled with domesticated hamsters that, if you let them free they may very well die, because, at this point, many people know only how to live within the confines of their cages, crawling on their bellies through hamster trails, all while singing songs of freedom.

The good news is this, that IF these people see others living outside the hamster cages AND prospering, then, and only then, will many of these people explore the possibility that maybe, just maybe, life inside the hamster cage is not the life for them after all.

They perceive (and maybe rightly) that outside that hamster cage they won’t be able to provide for themselves the basic necessities of life.  That can change, and it can change through people like me and you working to demonstrate that yes, yes you CAN provide the basic necessities of life, and then some, outside the hamster cage.

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