Overcoming the Neo-Puritans, Or The Coming Age of Liberty

For many of us out there today, we imagine the darkness is coming.  The age of the Neo Puritan has come.  The tide of history swings back from the Dionysian to the Apollonian.  But who would have thought that both the Dionysian and Apollonian Ages would be ushered in by the same political spectrum in America, the so-called Left.

The American political left is firmly in control of the key institutions of this land.  They dominate the marketplace, with many businesses making it clear that they stand with the Neo-Puritans of the American left.

They have long dominated the education centers.  Their power can be seen in raw display with the recent staging of the anti-gun, anti-human, anti-liberty rallies allegedly organized by teenagers, at the direction and inspiration of fifth column operatives under the aegis of the so-called Women’s march.

They have also long controlled the media, both the news, as well as entertainment.  And they’re clawing back, taking control of social media, in a futile effort to stop the flow of liberty-advancing information.  But they might as well be lighting a match to dry a tempest.

The calls for stigmatizing gun ownership are only increasing, and will do so across the fronts of all major institutions, even if they only represent a small, fringe minority.

That minority contains the bulk of cultural power, and it is not without significant political power as well, with hopes of the American left growing only greater as recent victories in special elections bolster their base, preparing them for a return to political power in the halls of DC.

Should they return to full DC power, and not merely the political power they currently hold at bureaucratic levels, the future looks very dim for the conservatives, the American political right.  The consolidation of power by the Neo-Puritans will be nearly complete.

What’s a person to do who sees in the American political left something far more dangerous and insidious in their particular brand of authoritarianism than can even be seen in the authoritarian nature of the American political right?

If for no other reason than the real power advantage the American political left holds, you should be wary of them far more than you should the American political right, that has little real power.  If the power advantages were reversed, then I would be focused on the American political right and their Nationalistic State God Death Cult.  But as it is, the American political left holds the real power in America today.

Shall you be paralyzed with fear?  Shall you surrender the stage to the new priests of the new Christendom, the Progressive State God Death Cult that is coming your way?

I say no, there is no need to surrender.  There is no need to leave the stage, though, perhaps, it is best that some of us do leave, for there is much work that needs to be done underground.  And for others, people such as me, there is much work to be done above ground.

My goal as an above-ground resistor to the coming Progressive State God Death Cult is not to scream fear.  It is not to ignore the reality around me, even the parts of that reality that can be frightening to comprehend.

My goal as an above-ground resistor to the coming Progressive State God Death Cult is to show the ways that individuals and free associations, even, in some cases, coercive enterprises, are intentionally or unintentionally building and revealing the tools that will undo the very controlling dreams of the Progressive State God Death Cult.

And along the way, I intend on laughing.  I intend on entertaining and being entertained.  I intend on enjoying life however I can.

There are some key technologies that are emerging, technologies that IP bandits and state regulators imagine they can contain and control with magic slips of paper, but they cannot.  They can only slow down the tools that are bringing to human beings, whether they dream of governance outside of the coercive enterprise model or not, the power to say no, the power to be anonymous, the power to be self-reliant, the power to be secure, among their own free associations.

So, go ahead and keep glancing into the face of the emerging Progressive State God Death Cult.  Go ahead.  It’s good to be aware of your surroundings.  But don’t stay there.  Don’t live there.  Don’t be consumed in your flaming flow of the latest outrage manufactured by the operatives of the Progressive State God Death Cult.

There is news out there that can help you, right now.  Information that can guide you, prepare you to build your own liberty, right where you live, and to find others doing the same thing.

The collapsing empire of Christendom could not stop the advance of technology that empowered people, willingly or not, to discover for themselves what is “truth,” such as we can know it.

Now, there are a multiple Guttenberg Presses out there, from the Blockchains to 3D Printing, from Mesh Networks to Revolutions in Battery Tech.

The empire that will soon be built by the Progressive State God Death Cult will be short-lived, and any attempt by the conservatives to take advantage of the vanquishing of one enemy of human progress will be met with the same resistance that will soon fell the Progressive State God Death Cult.

Be hopeful.  Be determined. Take action, not retreat.  Embrace the change that is to come, for it will fell beasts, beasts that are thousands of years old, beasts that have outlived their usefulness and their power.

The age of liberty is soon upon us, one obsoleted state function at a time.

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