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Part of Lincoln Tunnel in New York Shut Down after 2-Bus Crash Injures 15

NJ_Transit_MCI_D4500CL_7176NEW YORK CITY- A major accident in New York City this morning, July 18th, led to a shutdown of traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel.

The accident involved two buses that crashed into each other around 7:30M this morning. The accident left 15 people injured according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Of the 15 injured, only one was transported to the hospital, though the injuries were classified as non-life-threatening. There were 103 people on board the two buses, including the two drivers.

NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith said the route 114 bus hit the route 190 bus around 7:30 a.m. Monday.

As of this posting, the Center Tube of Lincoln Tunnel is still closed. Expect significant delays if you’re traveling in this area this morning.


EPA Won’t Clean Sites Because 30 Year Old Work Plan Doesn’t Allow For It

The EPA is resting on a work schedule that was created over 30 years ago, and refuses to change it, even if the schedule is preventing them from sending workers from one site where no work is needed to another site where urgent work is needed to prevent deadly contamination.  Without government, who would waste our resources and allow our water to be poisoned for the sake of bureaucracy?

America Learns Lessons From Bombing Without Intelligence

America is coming up with all kinds of ways to bomb the enemy when they lack the boots on the ground to even tell them where the enemy is.  They are also coming up with ways to hide the collateral damage cost, that’s the killing of civilians, from these bombings without intelligence.

Trump XO Promises to Militarize Police Even More

MPSGA, folks, MPSGA.  For the novice among us, that means “Make Police States Great Again.”  Sure, you’ve seen all those MAGA hats, but there was a serious typo when President Donald Trump first ordered those hats.  President Trump told the hat provider that he wanted...

Obama’s Operation Choke Point Comes to an End

On August 16h, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd sent a letter to House Republicans that the Justice Department would be ending the program called "Operation Choke Point."  Last Friday, on August 18th, Republican House members announced to the public that the...

Washington State Opens Door To Tax Gun Ownership Out of Existence

Washington State has long been the home for the fringiest of the left fringe to try out the fringiest of left fringe attempts to use the power of the coercive enterprise’s guns to force people to behave like the good little progressives they imagine, deep down, we all...

Assange Offers Dirt on DNC Leaks in Exchange for Pardon

  If you are to believe California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, then you would assume that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, might have the goods on just where those DNC leaks came from, and it ain’t Russia. 

Bannon, Gorka Out- Is Trump Settling in to Puppet Role?

Rumor has it that Steve Bannon is out, as is Sebastian Gorka. If true, this news of a new round of purges in the Trump cabinet could signify a fundamental shift in the Trump Administration.  Steve Bannon is one of the last holdouts of the outsiders Trump originally...

MUH ROADS! Get Sold in Tax Auction

When arguing against taxation (which, by the way, is theft), one of the most common rebuttals is the MUH ROADS argument.  People who argue against involuntary taxation models will invariably get that ubiquitous rebuttal, so much so in fact that there are thousands and...

US Army to Move from the 5.56 to the 7.62×51

The US Army has put out a call that will send ripples throughout the gun industry.   They're ready to replace the M4, and the 5.56 cartridge, with something more in keeping with the .308 or 7.62 x 51.  The army said in its "Commercial Opportunity Notice for Other...

Donny Bans Trans From Killing and I DON’T CARE!

President Donald J Trump has taken to the twitterverse to unleash fury targeting men who are girls who are boys (yeah, that stupid Blur song is STILL stuck in my head). Apparently, King Donny has decided that people who may identify as a different gender other than...

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