Patreon Bans Traditional Housewife YouTuber As “Hate Speech”

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  1. Greetings mr red pill. I have sent messages to other YouTubers like pewdipie. Who has the massive fan base to create a new YouTube to replace this shitty website that has become ridiculously awful. Creators need to band together sir to accomplish this. People are sick of what YouTube has become we need a replacement and so do you… food for thought

  2. What is it with the hatred towards women who want to raise their own children. I stayed home and raised 4 kids, through out the 90's till now, when Oprah had Liberal women on her show bullying stay-at-home moms because they didn't have "careers".

  3. Because it goes against the agenda. They want people to be 'married' / 'slaves' to the system. Being self sufficient and going back to the traditional living is a threat to their house of cards. Its the only way we could save ourselves from the bondage of government and big business / deep state.

  4. The last update I got from
    My WLM group told me that free speech was still a right in the United States of America. Or is it illegal and racist to be proud of my race hmmm let's see if I say white power it's bas right What if I say Black power. Oh that's just pride in ones race right I see how it's different. Or what about white lives matter. Also too racist you say? Hmmmm. Well how about black lives matter? Oh I see they mean Black lives matter also. So it's acceptable. Ok one last one Black people are allowed to use the N word because it's there's now and white people not allowed to. I was unaware you could own a word. So does that mean white people can say cracker but other races can not? Let me know how we white crackers certify the word as ours now legally.

  5. I really appreciate your work; however, let's be realistic here, as you're a talking head. On the other hand, the left organizes and mobilizes while we're motionless. Our movement has to be stepped up more than a notch or two, because the opposition has been at it since the 60's. Guys like you can organize this and band together with other channels on the same mission. It's elbows to assholes time.

  6. 'Don't damn me when I speak my piece of mind, cuz silence isn't golden when I'm holding shit inside… I been where I have been, and I seen what I have seen.. I put the pen to the paper cuz its all a part of me…'   fuck censorship of ANY form…

  7. SJWs are becoming Fascist, but who's giving them the power who's allowing them to flourish? Thats the question that has to asked and when found out exposed and why they do it. See when you do this they run from the light of day!

  8. 2:04 '' it is not a pro-white book '' insinuating pro-white is hate speech ????? no it certainly is not !!! pro black = ok…pro asian = ok… pro white = hate speech… this is just more of the Zionist JEW mind control liberal garbage at work 100% confirmed.. White PoWER White Pride World Wide !!!!!!!! W H I T E I S F U C K I N G A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!

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